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Start Recycling on your Jobsite the EZ Way!

EZ-Dumpster C&D Recycling

If your building project is seeking certification under a green building rating system, such as LEED, BuiltGreen or BOMA, the EZ-Dumpster bag is the perfect solution for your waste management needs. Rather than renting multiple roll-off bins, which are expensive and take up valuable space, make the switch to EZ-Dumpster. No bin rental fees mean you can set-up multiple EZ-Dumpster recycling stations around your jobsite (inside or outside) for added convenience.

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EZ-Washout - Why Are Concrete Washouts So Important?

EZ-Washout Concrete Washout System

Concrete washout is a term used to describe the process of cleaning a concrete or ready-mix truck after delivering its contents. Truck operators must wash off the shoot and equipment before the concrete hardens. The water used in the cleaning process becomes contaminated with various chemicals and results in an extremely high pH level. If the water leaches into storm drains and local water sources, it can harm residents, wildlife, lakes and rivers.

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